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Admission Procedures for New Students S.Y. 2022-2023

1.  Fill out the new Student Information Sheet.


2.  Email the following requirements to [email protected]

click requirements


3.   Pay the P400 assessment fee (Free for Nursery and Kinder 1)

4. Attend the Zoom interview with the student.

  • The parent(s) and student should attend the zoom interview scheduled in our application acknowledgement email.

  • An exam will also be given during the interview.

5. Wait for a confirmation email within two days after the Zoom interview.

  • We will send an email within two (2) days after the zoom meeting informing you of your application status. Further information will be given if accepted.

  • You may also call our Sgt. Rivera office to follow up. (02)8275-6311 or (02)83652748 0919-0797223/0919-0772237

6. Pay the application fee (₱ 2,500) and reservation fee (Php 5,000).

  • Both the application and reservation fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • The reservation fee, however, will be applied to the tuition fee.

  • The application fee depends on the month you pay.

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