1. Is Pace Academy a new school?
    Pace Academy started in 2001 at Dr. and Mrs. Lao’s residence with 5 students. Even though we are still a young school, we have produced 5 batches of high school graduates, with excellent college entrance exam results. Practically, all graduates go to one of the top 4 universities in our country, UP, ATENEO, LA SALLE, & UST.

  2. Is this Philadelphia School or Pace Academy? What is the relationship between Pace Academy and Philadelphia?
    Pace Academy is probably the fastest growing Chinese school in the country. For expansion, it acquired Philadelphia High this school year and Pace Academy has 2 campuses, the main on Sgt. Rivera and a branch in Talayan village.


  3. What grade levels does Pace Academy offers?
    We accept from junior nursery (2 years old) up to senior high school. Our Talayan campus has only preschool and elementary classes.


  4.  How much is your school’s tuition fee?
    The tuition fee for 2020 is P86000, not including books.


  5.  Are ocular visits allowed in your school?
    You are welcome to visit us. The best time to visit us is from 8:00 to 10:30 or 1:00 to 2:30.


  6. Do you have other contact numbers?
    In our main campus, are numbers our (02) 8365-2748, (02) 8275-6311. In Pace Talayan, (02) 8711-4604, (02) 8711-4608. You can also reach us using our mobile number, 09987911714.


  1. What is your process in accepting student applicants?
    Students are to undergo an evaluation before they are accepted.
    For students who will join the junior nursery or the toddler’s class, no written exam is required.
    The guidance or a teacher will talk to the child and observe if the child is ready for school.

    Students who are ready for senior nursery and up will take an entrance exam. The exam is for us to know if a child is ready for the grade level that he/she is applying for.


  2. What time do we need to go your school for evaluation?
    We conduct evaluation during Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 to 3:00 and Saturdays, 8:00 to 11:00. Please call the school first so we can know and confirm the time.


  3. What are the requirements that we need to submit in your school?
    Applicants should bring a 1x1 picture, birth certificate or passport. Other requirements are to be submitted at the enrollment.


  4.  Is the entrance exam free or not?
    The entrance exam has a fee of ₱400.


  5. What is the next step after my child has been accepted to your school?
    After having been accepted, the new student is to pay the tuition and make a reservation fee of ₱5000, which is nonrefundable nor nontransferable. They can choose to pay some later time, but the matriculation fee increases as time goes by. The matriculation fee is a one-time fee we charge for processing new students’ admission.
    For transferees, we need the original card signed by the principal. We will accept their payment, but they are not officially enrolled without the signed report card.
    Students may submit their requirements during enrollment.



  1. Do you accept students who failed in their last school?
    We do accept students who failed in their last school but on a case to case basis.

  2. Do you accept students coming from China?
    We accept students from China anytime of the year. Usually, we give them a 3-hour tutorial and send them to a class to make friends and learn from their peers.

  3.  Do you still accept students who came from abroad even if they missed a part of school year?
    Yes, we do but on a case to case basis.

  4. Do you still accept transferees during mid school year?
    We rarely accept transferees in the middle of the school year, unless there’s a special need and we think we can help.

  5.  If you will accept transferees, what are the requirements?
    We need previous report cards and good moral certificates. We will call their guidance counselor for more information.

  6.  What is your policy for a student who has a low conduct grade if he or she will be accepted in your school?
    We seldom accept students with a low conduct grade. But if there are special circumstances, we may consider.
    If accepted, the student must sign a probationary agreement that the school has the right to ask the child to leave if we are not satisfied with his/her performance, and he/she promises not to protest.


  1. What is a typical day of your students at Pace Preschool?
    For JN, The child will join a regular class in the morning. If he is 2, our toddler class; 3, senior nursery; 4, kinder 1. After the dismissal at 11, daycare children will stay. We will provide lunch, and then they will take a nap. We will change them into their pajamas, and they will sleep. A teacher and a yaya will stay with them. We will play some light music and the teacher may read them a story.

    They will wake up and change back to their uniforms. At 2 o’clock, we will start the afternoon activities. Children have more time to learn through play. However, we will also have some time to do homework and review. They may choose different learning corners to play and learn. They can draw or paint in the art corner, read in the class library, write in the writing corner, build structures in the block area, role-play in the drama corner.
    For SN and K1, their classes start at 8 am up to 11 am.

    They have free play, circle time, Chinese class, recess, and the target lesson for the day. (integrated language, math, science, reading, and art. In K2, they also have free play, circle time, Chinese class, recess, lessons for different subjects, lunch and then continuing the lessons. For Fridays, PE class is added.


  2. Do you have playground where the children can play?
    We have a beautiful indoor playground at our Talayan campus. Please come to see to appreciate.

  3. What is your educational approach in preschool?
    Our preschool approach is eclectic, a mixture of traditional and progressive. The progressive approach is more child-centered, and the teacher is a facilitator helping each student to learn according to each one’s interest and pace while the traditional approach is more teacher-centered which means that the teacher controls the class and is the source of knowledge. Usually everyone learns at the same pace set by the teacher or school, and students do a lot of worksheets and quizzes.

    The main domains of preschool education for both the progressive and the traditional are: cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical.

    There are also pros and cons for each approach.

    The progressive approach is more balanced. It is more fun, less pressure, and may help children to be more creative. The traditional approach emphasizes more on the cognitive and language development. It probably produces students who are more analytical and perform better in traditional exams.


  4. What is the class size?
    We maintain a low teacher student ratio, approximately 1 to 8. Jr and Sr Nursery have smaller ratio, while k1 and k2 have a higher ratio. Usually we have 2 English teachers in a class. The Chinese teacher will roam around different sections.

  5. How many hours each day?
    3 hours for Jr. and Sr. nursery, and k1. We have a.m. and p.m. classes for SN and K1. K2 have whole day classes. Jr, Sn, and K1 students can choose to join our daycare in the afternoon. The dismissal time is 4 p.m.

  6. What are the programs and activities do you have?
    Short fieldtrips related to the topic being discussed in class (i.e. house visits, supermarket visits etc). Monthly-themed activities (i.e. Filipino Month, Christmas Program, Rhyme Contest, Chinese New Year Party).

    Individualized instructions wherein children are learning in small groups to cater the individual needs of each child.


Inquiry for New Student(s):


1. What’s the required age?

   For Incoming 

– JN : 2 years old by June

– SN : 3 years old by June

– K1 : 4 years old by June

– K2 : 5 years old by June

– G1 : 6 years old by June (They must have the LRN)


Cut off age is up to August

Example: For 3 years old learners whose birth month is on January to August can enroll for SN level as long as they turned 3 years old within the months given. However, learners whose birth month is on Sept 1 onwards will not be allowed to enroll for SN level. They will fall under JN level.

2. When is the opening of the School?
June 15, 2020 (Tentative)

3. What are the requirements needed?

  • Xerox copy of birth certificate (Preschool to SHS)

  • Immunization Record (Preschool to SHS)

  • Medical Certificate (Incoming Grade 1)

  • For Kindergarten (Progressive report card)

  • For incoming Grade 1 (Certificate of completion)

  • Form 138 or Report Card (Incoming Grade 1 to SHS)

  • Certificate of Good Moral (Incoming Grade 1 to SHS)


4. How much is the Tuition Fee?

  • Same amount for all levels including Tuition Fee and Misc. (Excluding the books and uniforms)

  • Books (Different level – different prices)

5. Mode of Payment? 

          –    Cash or Cheque only.

                 Payment Terms:

                    –     Annual (May)

                    –     2 payment (May & Oct)

                    –     4 Payments (May-August-Oct-Dec)


6. Is there a Tutorial Service in your school?

–  Yes, Chinese and English

                     –  Chinese (K1 to up only)

                     –  English (K2 to Grade 6 only)

7. What time is your dismissal/Class start?

  • Pre-Nursery : AM (8:00-11:00) ;PM (12:00-3:00)

  • Kindergarten : (8:00-2:15)

  • Grade Level 1 to 3 : (7:30-2:30)

  • Grade 4  to SHS : (7:30-3:10)


8. Is there any School Bus Service?

For Inquiries: 

Quezon City 

– Mr. & Mrs. Lim (0917-841-4240 or 8313-9921)


Caloocan & Valenzuela

– Mae Tan (0926-014-7909)

– Sylvia Espiritu (0926-014-7909, 732-7758 or 8668-3018)


Uniform (New Order)


– Pay at the Stand Alone payment machine

– Present the receipt to the office