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In 1998, a fire burnt down the business of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lao. After much prayer and meditation, they decided that the Lord was leading them to close the business and to start a Christian school. And this is what they did. With the help of relatives and friends, they started a small nursery at home.


They also went back to school to be trained as educators. Mr. Lao finished his M.A. in Christian Education at Alliance Biblical Seminary in 2001. He has now finished his Ph.D. studies in Reading Education at U.P. Mrs. Lao has a B.S. E. Ed. Degree from U.S.T. She also took up some M.A. units in Educational Administration and Counseling at Ateneo de Manila University and Trinity University.


PACE ACADEMY moved to a new building in 2002. Pace started offering elementary in 2004 and is now offering up to high school.



Pace Academy molds learners into PACERS who are positive through their faith in God and people, affirmative in word and action, Christ-centered with Jesus as Lord and Savior, excellence-oriented in study and work, and respectful toward people and environment.


Pace Academy sets the pace for Christ-centered character education and academic excellence.

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